This is the story of my journey as I attempt to establish roots and do more than just "Live on the Surface".

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Readers, there is pee on the playground

I am absolutely convinced now that all those stories are true.  Public playgrounds are disgusting nasty breeding grounds for disgusting nastiness.  BOTH of my children have urinated on a play ground.  Isn't potty training grand?

Tonight, my stable one, the one I never worry about, the one who hasn't had an accident in a week (well if you don't count her pooping her pants at T's house) peed.  Right there on the 3rd deck of the indoor, Chik-fil-a play yard.

Yep.  I was THAT mom who had to walk to the counter and tell them they needed to close the play area because my daughter peed.

What does this have to do with switching professions or establishing roots? 


Other than to tell you that is yet another place I can never go back to.

Just to keep you up to speed we have checked off our list:

Payless Shoes (Rowan peed on their floor near the check out counter)
Pollo Tropical (Rowan did the dead mans drop in the middle of the parking lot and got a public spanking)
Chik-fil-a (see above)

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