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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good morning Mrs. Mushbrain.

So one of the hardest adjustments I have had making the transition from career to stay at home has been the lack of cerebral stimulation.  I know MANY mothers face this challenge.  Seriously, when your day consists of cooking meals, feeding children, wiping butts, sweeping messes, fighting naptimes, breaking up fights and still trying to look attractive for my husband it is difficult not to feel under utilized.

We try to get out of the house once a day and turn it into a learning adventure.  Luckily Jupiter is full of opprotunities for my kids to explore and is very family/toddler friendly.  I can't imgaine having the same experiences in Vegas.  This helps but after a while also becomes just a part of the routine.

I joined a Mom's group last week.  There are 169 moms that are members and it seems that they have a good mix of activities.  They also do couples events as well so hopefully AJ and I will be able to expand our social circle.  We are lucky enough to have our friends Tamlyn and Scott who introduced us to another couple we like to spend time with.

I am also bound and determined to teach my self Spansh.  Como you say?  Yeah.  My mom bought me a self taught course for my birthday and I am going to conquer it.

The plans for January include me enrolling in school to get an advanced degree in nutrition.  It has been MANY moons since I have been in a class but I am really looking forward to it. 

I will keep my brain from rotting.  I will remain an interesting person who can talk about more then how many times I had to take the kids potty.

I know that I am just getting into the thick of it.  The new feeling is wearing off and I am realizing this is NOT an extending vacation.

This is hard work people.  Working moms have it tough too but I never really appreciated the division in my day.  I was literally split into two.  Now I have one long run on day that ends at 9pm.

One whole woman that desperately wants to feel utilized to my potential,  come up with clever ways to solve a crisis and receive a performance review.

My feedback comes on a daily basis in the form of  "I love you mamma's" and my bonuses are paid in kisses and hugs.

That my friends is enough.

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  1. I COMPLETELY get you on the mushbrain syndrome! I battle it on a daily basis. I hope the classes are what you're looking for and that you find a good balance.