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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall!

Is it fall already?  I never thought I would admit this but I kind of miss the change of weather we would be having in TN right now.  As I pack my bag for the beach today I am dreaming of the Shelby County Fair food and the Pink Palace Craft Festival.

I am excited however because rumor has it, the "season" is about to get started here.  Unlike most of the country, Florida actually gets better from October through April.  We will have lots of farms to visit.  Festivals to attend and outdoor concerts to check out.

We have been very happy so far with the free/low cost family events we have been able to attend.  I joined a local Mom's group and it is helping me to keep busy.  I am looking forward to developing relationships with some of the women in the group and am hoping to make some lasting bonds.

I have to tell you though, being the new "mom" on the block is HARD!  Everyone checking each other out, checking your kids out, what are you wearing, what are they wearing, how big are your kids, how well behaved are your kids and most importantly are your kids advanced for their age.

Example A:

I promise you, I went through 4 different outfits to wear to baby gym.  BABY GYM!  Who knows how I rated.  Probably fit in for some, probably tried too hard for others.  Either way, I had fun and the kids had fun.  Hopefully the rest will work itself out.

Now to figure out what to wear to story time.....THE PRESSURE!

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  1. I believe that you could wear a dirty tshirt and sweat pants and still be the most beautiful woman in the room. If someone is 'checking you out' it is because she is most likely envious of you and your beautiful kids. I'm sure you will find a quality mommy friend, because that is what YOU are.