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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On to happier things...

I am pleased to announce the opening of the Kyla Starks Costume Shop!  The kids have decided to be pirates AND cowboys this year for Halloween.  We have enough events to go to that we actually need two costumes and after looking around I REFUSE to pay $20 per costume for a bunch of cheap crap.

So instead I invested that $20 per costume into supplies to make our own!  Cross your fingers....I have never sewed.  My mom gave me her sewing machine years ago and I have been hauling it all over the country for the last 10 years.

It was a gift to my mother for her bridal shower when she married my father.  This sewing machine is older than me.  Which means it will work like a charm and better than a new Singer.

In addition to my costume projects, my friend Tamlyn and I have decided to co-host a toddler party at her house.  We are both in desperate need to meet more families so I have solicited the mom's group I belong to and invited 10 kids to attend.  Plus our 4, plus the additional 3 or 4 from random people Tamlyn and I have met along the way and we are in for serious trouble.

I will document our progress and make sure and get photos of the madness!

Here are some of my sewing pictures thus far...

Rowan's Pirate vest.  I found store bought pantaloons (don't tell daddy but they came from the girls department) and a red and black striped shirt.

 Now just to be brave enough to fire up the old White

 Sloanies Pirate Princess TuTu before the trim

 After the trim and trying to get a photo.  This photo scares me for so many reasons....

 You think she loves her brother?

 PS Rowan has a diaper on because he has tender tummy and I am tired of cleaning poop up off of carpet.

and finally I present to you....Mr. White

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  1. LOVE IT! 'Makes me glad you and Crystal don't live closer to one another; I'd never see you two, baking and sewing all the time ...

    'Excited to see the final products!