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Thursday, September 9, 2010

When life gives you turd biscuits....

Make a sandwich!  I thought I would be nice this morning and make biscuits from scratch.  I had made drop biscuits on Sunday and they went well, why shouldn't these? 

It may have been the help of two 2 year olds

 or it could have been I cut them too big but for whatever reason I ended up with what looked like the new sandwich thins from Pepperidge Farms.

The good news is they tasted okay and were flaky, I just took the rest of breakfast (eggs and turkey bacon) shoved them between two wrapped it in foil and sent AJ to work with a sandwich. 

See example of said turds:

Now if only we were in England I could call them scones.  Baking for me has always been a challenge.  I can cook but baking?  Disasters had been a regular on the menu.  I am getting better and the kids seem to like what I do so I will keep trying.

I will keep you guys posted on my trials and tribulations regarding the oven!  I did manage to make a scratch cake the other day that didn't suck!

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