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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Costumes, Parties and Cinnamon Rolls...

So it has been busy around here.  I am 95% done with their costumes and have only a few accessories to go to get to 100%.

I had so much fun sewing them that I am going to come up with some fun stuff to sell on Etsy.  Now I just have to get better at the actual sewing part.  I can sew a straight hem, I can sew a straight hem...I can sew a straight hem (if I say it enough times it will happen).

Here is the almost finished product on their costumes.  Let's start with Bud.

Here is his cowboy outfit.  I need a belt and need to replace his hat.  I had it pinned up really cute but he decided he didn't like it like that and pulled it apart thus ripping the straw.  They both have matching stick horses to carry and I need to make their treat bags this weekend.

Excuse the blurry on some of my photos.  I need to get the manual out and adjust my settings.  Some day I will take a class and figure out what the heck I can actually do with my camera.  So you can see his pantaloons, I am not sure about the sash but his vest turned out way cute and he has a patch and earring.  I am going to get him red knee high socks and a pair of black airwalks to go with the outfit.

Now on to Baroni.

Pirate outfit!  I am having a hard time with the ARGH! applique for the shirt.  I have tried twice and am thinking my letters may be too old so I am going to buy new this weekend and try again.

I made her another skirt because I realized that she won't get more than one wear out of her tutu. She TRASHED her birthday tutu and this one is already bunching up and she hasn't even worn it.

I didn't use a pattern for the skirt and it was fun to play with it. I just did an A-line and shredded the bottom. I did an elastic waist but left extra fabric at the top to give it a "paper bag" kind of look.
The sash has red and black ribbon sewn into it and is also fringed.

Leggings to go under her skirt/tutu

Cowboy outfit.  I may have to re-do her hat.  I am not happy with the ribbon on the sides.  It bunched funny.  But I think the vest turned out cute!  I found a pink belt with a heart buckle.  We are buying her boots this weekend and she has a white pony on a stick with pink fur.

They LOVE their cowboy outfits and of course the outfits that took the most work (pirate) are just eeh.  Oh well!

Now my prep for the party on the 23rd.

I am hand making a bunch of paper flowers for centerpeices on our tables.  I am just getting started and have MANY more to go.  They are going to be cute!  If only I could get my little helpers to stop helping.... 

I also saw this really cute idea of making braclets out of candy pumpkins and ribbon, strung together by floss.  REALLY cute on a 10 year old.  SUPER heavy and clunky on a 2 year old.  I have to figure out something else to do with them.

Are you still with me??

FINALLY cinnamon rolls.

So, now that I am home I am trying to cut out as much processed food as possible.  Slight problem is that AJ LOVES those canned Pilsbury cinnamon rolls.  Last Christmas I made The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon Rolls.  BATCHES of them.  They were easy and yummy so I thought I would make a bunch and freeze. 

I don't know if the elevation is different or the humidity or my little helpers but it was a disaster today.

First step was to combine 4 cups (that is an entire quart people) of milk with one cup sugar and one cup oil and scald.  Let cool for 45 minutes to an hour (should be luke warm, not hot)

Add two packs of yeast

 Now add 4 (yes 4) cups of flour

UGH.  Soupy.  But I went with it.  I probably should have added more flour at this point but figured I could do it later.

Cover and let rise for an hour

Looking better....

add another cup of flour, teaspoon of baking powder & teaspoon of baking soda, mix together.

Ruh oh.

Really wet.  No way to roll it.  So here is my dillema.  Do I toss it or add more flour and go with it.  I am now 5 cups of flour in, two packs of yeast AND 5 cups of milk.

I had to press on.

Add MORE flour.  Seriously I must have added 2 more cups at least.

and I still had a soft mess that was tearing when I looked at it funny.

 again I thought about scrapping it rather then adding butter, sugar and cinnamon into my trash bin.  But the kids were having SO much fun!


So I went with it.  Cup of sugar, cup of butter and a TON of cinnamon (for each half of dough mind you.

We rolled them up and threw them in a pan (6 pans actually).
Let them sit for another 30-45 minutes to rise and then cook for 15-18 minutes in a 375 oven.

I got busy and didn't take a pic of the finished product.  They weren't as tough as I expected but did taste too floury.  I froze the remainder anyway and just plan to add more butter, almonds and brown sugar to the top when I bake them.

I am in desperate need of a good icing.  I don't like how sugary the icings I am making taste.

If you made it through this entire post then you will be rewarded with some cuteness!


  1. love love love. can I tell you how impressed I am with your craftiness!!! Cant wait to see it all put together :)

  2. Love it all!!! The blog, the pictures, your energy and especially those babies. Sloanes hair looks like it lightened up alot and is GROWING. Oh, how I miss them :(

  3. I think you are just wonderful! What great photos of the kids and i'm sure your rolls are delicious! Miss y'all!