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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's talk Applebee's

and specifically getting drunk there.

So remember when you were in college or just starting out in your career?  Where did you go to drink?  Applebee's.  Food was crap but drinks were 2 for 1 and they were heavy on the sauce.

Talk about full circle.

Where did I end up today?


Kids are free.  Drinks are still 2 for 1 and the food is still crap.

AJ and I were going to split the 2 for 1 drink and the waitress screwed up and brought us 4 for 2.  Ummmm....ok.  Full circle.

The main difference is the kids got balloon animals and no one got sloppy (unless you count the pasta sauce).

Edited to add that AJ and I are responsible parents and we did not get intoxicated and drive with the kids.  Furthermore we are never impaired when we are home with the kids.

Just wanted to put everyone at ease!  ;)

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