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Sunday, October 17, 2010

West Palm Beach Green Market.......and The Germans.

Busy day today, busy week.  I truly started this blog with intentions of posting every day as I journal my life but I just haven't had the spark (for lack of a better word).

Thursday I got to spend the day with one of my beautiful friends who is in town on vacation.  Unfortunately she contracted food poisioning and I haven't seen her since.  She was out of bed today and made it to the mall but by the time I got the message I was knee deep into the WPB Green Market.

Last Sunday I took the kids to the PBG Green market and today daddy was in for the ride.  It was the first week and in a new location.  BOY was it crowded.  Eventually we parked the stroller and the kids had to hoof it.

Let me tell you, we are in the wrong business.  ALL of us.  The mini cider donut guy?  He has it going on.  25 person line all day.  $5 a paper cone for donuts and a little machine cranking those bad boys out.  The kids LOVED them (they had some last week too and now that is the first thing they look for).

After we managed to escape Greenfest we went to Oktoberfest in Lake Worth.  It was a fun time.  The kids danced (unfortunately I didn't get a the shot of them dancing together) and rode rides, played games and watched mommy and daddy drink beer.  The food choices were limited to veal loaf and well...veal loaf.

It is very much what I imagnie Spam to be like only with less porktasticness.  I convinced the kids it was a flat hotdog and got them to eat it.

This is the stuff we moved here for.  Oh!  AND for the first time I ran into someone I KNOW!  Yep, I guess I am making friends.

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