This is the story of my journey as I attempt to establish roots and do more than just "Live on the Surface".

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 months later and here we are.

So friends, it has been six months since I intended to start this blog. When we last spoke I was a corporate executive who traveled internationally for weeks at a time living in a city that literally SUCKS YOUR SOUL DRY.

My husband and I discussed my blogging and given our situation at the time he asked me to take a step back. We had decided it was time to get out of Vegas. It was time to go. Not sure where we were going but we were gone.

The opportunities for him in Nevada were few and far between, my career was demanding and while I loved what I was doing I wasn't as successful as I had been. The stresses of work and family and trying to find a balance were just too much.

After much discussion we presented my office with an opportunity to send my family overseas for 3-5 years. This would have been perfect for us as it would have allowed for me to continue my work but eliminate most travel for me. Unfortunately it wasn't to be so with a little $$ in the old savings account I quit my job. Did you hear that? QUIT MY JOB!

We sold most of our stuff and moved the family to Florida. We went from a 3500 sq ft house to a 1200 sq foot town home. 4 rooms. Two up. Two down. Oh my aching ASS it is small.

I went from a Director at the largest company in my industry responsible for a $30M budget to a stay at home mom of two and we won't talk about my budget now. (but Oh my aching ASS it is small)

So here we are.

I will get you up to speed in the next few weeks and then bring you along with me as I struggle to find who I am without my passport and my suit.

Without my big house in a flashy city.

Without everything I have ever known.

I have my husband, my kids and my Kitchen aid mixer.

That is all I need right? Right?